Thursday, February 6, 2014

12 Months of Dates: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

This past Christmas was super hectic due to the wedding and all the planning that went along with it. Because Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday, I didn't want to “skip it” because I had to think about so much wedding stuff, so to ensure that that truly wouldn't happen, I was determined to come up with a fabulous present for my future husband. I thought, thought, and thought so more, but I didn't know what to get him that would be super cute, on the cheaper side (because we are trying to save), and something he would really like. At one point, I was so at a loss of things to think of, that I even considered buying him a piece of workout equipment he really wanted.

 Hilariously enough, when I went to buy it on Amazon later that week, it said that he had already purchased it! Haha. I was kind of relieved because I wanted to get him something different, but kind of worried at the same time because I knew he would like that and was now fresh out of ideas.
After a few days, I remembered a blog post I had read quite some time ago about how a girl planned out a date for each month of the year for her husband’s Christmas present a few years back. I immediately got excited, and thought that it would be a great idea if I could do something similar for Felix, but of course, add my own flair! ;) I began to think of what Felix likes to do and what would be fun for us as a freshly married couple. Within minutes, I was as excited as a fat kid is when he eats ice-cream! 

So, I got to work….
I had to come up with 12 different dates for each calendar month, so that was really fun, but challenging at the same time, because although I wish all dates could be super luxurious, our budget would not allow it. So, I had to creatively think of ways to have fun, but surprisingly enough, it turned out really easy! You can do so many fun things WITHOUT money or for a low cost! You just have to be creative! Now that I figured out which things were cheaper and which I wanted to splurge on, I began to see with my designer eyes. I didn’t want each date to just be on a white sheet of paper…These needed to be cute! So, my designer mind, some glue, scissors, and scrapbook material went at it. 5 hours later, I finally finished my date packages. I have never been more excited to give a gift to Felix…

As of course Felix doesn't know what all of the dates will be yet
 (because he has to open them the 1st of every month), I can only give you the inside scoop after we complete each date!When Felix opened the gift, he was excited about what was to come, but now that he has opened some, he is so much more excited! 
Here is the first one I gave him to open on Christmas morning…

This dating adventure is sure to be a blast, and I will reveal them to yall once we complete each one! I am so excited about each date, the memories we will make, and the quality time we will spend together.
  Marriage is all about constant growth, and I know with each day, I am falling, and will fall more in love with Felix.

With love 

"Love is such a thing that can turn an ordinary life into a fairy tale."