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Jesus lover + full-time student + part-time manager + adventurer at heart

With 20 years under my belt, you could say I am still a youngin' in most eyes. However, through years of rebellion, misery, and pain, God showed me himself and came to me and saved me from sin at the wonderful age of 14 years old. At age 15, I flew across the gulf of mexico and landed on the beautiful Island of the Dominican Republic for my first missions trip. Not really knowing all that God had planned, I went out in boldness, doing all God had told me to do. Then & there, God changed my heart forever. I knew that my life was so much more than I had ever imagined, and He gave me a love for the Nations. He gave me his heart for MISSIONS. Because of this, I am now studying Spanish and languages full-time in order to preach this beautiful gospel to the nations. I have a passion for language, travel, my amazing Fiance of course, cookie dough, all things peanut butter, thrifting, antique shopping, designing, limitless adventures, hammocking, the great outdoors, acting, and singing. 

[me + felix]
high school sweethearts >>> newlyweds

This is my very handsome best friend, partner in crime, and husband, Felix. We just got married on New Years Eve of 2013, and we could not be more excited! You have heard the "faithful" saying that high school sweethearts never last. We are living proof that that overused statement is super false. At 15 years of age, I knew that Felix would be the one I would spend the rest of my life with...Here we are now, 23 and 20 years of age, taking on the most exciting time of our lives...Being newlyweds.  I love this wonderful man of God with all of my heart. God gave me the most self-less, goofy, God-fearing man I could ever dream for and I am super stoked to spend my life with him.

Check out our wedding website HERE!
Watch our proposal video HERE!

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