Friday, October 4, 2013

[Obligatory] First post

Through my wonderful first semester of Junior year, exciting time as an engaged woman, and time of growth in my walk with Christ, I have decided to blog about my daily life! There is too much fun stuff going on in my life that i have to tell you! As I begin my blogging journey, I encourage you to follow along with me. I will be blogging about my hilarious, unpredictable day-by-day walk, along with the following things:

+ my ever-learning/growing experience with my amazing Savior
+ my wonderful fiance
+ wedding planning
+ missions
+ spanish and teaching
+ my most recent adventures and travels
+wardrobe and thrifting
+ family and friends
+ oh, and everything elseeeeeee.

I am looking forward to documenting this exciting time in my life.
 Join me!

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