Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Most Fabulous Winter Break

Well, you might be thinking, “wow, she hasn’t written a blog post in about 2 months...” Yeah, yeah, I know. Although it is a great desire to keep you all updated on my life, these last couple of months have been super crazy! However, over the last months, I have had the time of my life.

 When the final question was answered on my last exam last semester, I strutted out of that room, danced a little bit in the quad (my inner crazy came out) and screamed, “I’M DONE!” Not only was this a simple little shout…this was my proclamation to the world that I was done my last semester of being a single lady, last semester of being absolutely busy to the point of only getting 4 and 5 hours of sleep every night, and last semester of super fun, but HECTIC, wedding planning. To say the least, I leaped for joy and immediately kicked up the notch on my wedding planner side to FULL SPEED.

            “Dress alterations. How many bunches of flowers in each vase? Ribbons around jars. Where is the cake going to be served? How many people have RSVPed? Felix looks cute today! Gotta run to work! Wait, what did you say mom? Gotta write thank you cards. Time is ticking. Gotta write chalkboard signs. Need to have some family time before I fly away from the nest! Ahhh, I’m getting married!”  These were but few of the things I had running and racing through my head during the month of December. Not to mention, I kinda “skipped” Christmas this year, as far as buying presents for my friends, because I was so busy thinking about the wedding. To sum it all up, it was the busiest, but most exciting month of my entire life and I would never change anything about it.
Around a week before the wedding, I patiently awaited December 28th. Not only would I be getting off work for 2 weeks after my shift that day, but I would also come home to get ready for our Rehearsal dinner and see my best friends from Wyoming and North Carolina. Once they arrived, the festivities began and the rehearsal flew by in the blink of an eye.

The day before the wedding arrived + we all woke up early to head off to the reception center to decorate for the next day’s festivities. This is the part where I begin to truly thank the Lord for how good He is to us, because without all of my church family coming to help us set up, we wouldn’t have had the beautiful wedding I will remember for the rest of my life. Countless people came to help set up, serve, and love on us and for that we will be forever thankful! You know who you are…THANK YOU!! With that said, if you plan on doing a DIY wedding, as I did, make sure you have a wonderful wedding army!  With the day coming to a close, I looked back on our beautiful reception site, kissed my wonderful FIANCE goodbye, and awaited the big day.

With the craziness of our previous day, we all slept on the wedding morning, only to be a little late to our own hair + makeup appointment due to my running around and trying to grab everything needed. Hair + makeup done by the wonderful Emily Wilson, Hannah Chenevert, and Brittany Devall turned out absolutely gorgeous and we couldn’t have been happier with the end results!

This was to me one of my favorite times of the day. Getting quality time with all of my bridesmaids was wonderful and I was not nervous AT ALL. God completely gave me His peace that passes all understanding and I could not wait to walk down that aisle to my best friend + the love of my life.

Once we were all pampered and ready to go, we snapped a few pictures (done by the fabulous Brooke Noland!) and I awaited to go and talk to Felix and hold his hand before the ceremony. We met around a corner so that we would not see each other (sticking to tradition), we held hands, and he began to pray. My heart was flooded with blessings and God reminded me of all the times that he was faithful to me. Faithful to bring Felix into my life. Faithful to bring us through everything we have been through. Faithful to bring us back together in a stronger bond of love the second time. Faithful to keep us under his will. FAITHFUL.

As I walked down the aisle, my dad crying to my right, I found my smile to be bigger than ever before +  found tears of joy running down my cheek as I looked at the one whom my soul LOVES. I kept my eyes on Felix all the while surrounded by all the faces that have influenced us in our life. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful + reflected just what Felix and I love most…Jesus. Through the ceremony, one could see that Jesus alone is what is good in us and that we desire more than anything to glorify Him in our marriage.

I thank you all for the prayers, support in our relationship, and wonderful friendship that we have with you all. God has blessed us abundantly, the wedding was absolutely wonderful, the reception was a BLAST (we had fun dancing with you all), our honeymoon cruise to Mexico, Belize, and Honduras was FABULOUS, and married life is great. I love being with my best friend at all times + cooking everyday + running off to class and work and being able to kiss Felix and say “see you tonight” + most of all…I love saying “goodnight” instead of “goodbye.” Marriage is a blessing from God. Again, thanks for listening to my wonderful winter break story!
Here are some more pics from the wedding for your enjoyment!

I cannot wait until the professional ones come out! 

Now I get to blog about my adventures as a busy + young newlywed! Eeeeeep!

Mrs.  Burch


  1. One of the greatest and godliest couples i know! I love yall and am so blessed to call you friends and family in Christ! :)

  2. Fireworks+1940's looking car+ you two in wedding attire = shnazzy looking picture! Wish I could have made it to the wedding!

    God bless and congrats again!