Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sun-Day, Scarf Day!

Happy Sunday Everyone! 
What a fabulous day to be alive. God is absolutely wonderful and today I am super thankful for His GRACE and the ever coming day in which I will see Him face to face!
Last night, I had an outfit already picked out for church (because I scramble and throw clothes everywhere Sunday AM if I dont't) but this morning, I decided to wear pants with my outfit instead of my original skirt...What do you think of my fall, peplum look?
I am in love with it because the scarf is not too put together, but the Peplum adds structure and shape to the outfit. Not to mention, my favorite booties and earrings pull it all together for a look that will make you want to go buy a pumpkin and sit by the fire!
Check out my outfit and then see how to enter my first giveaway!

 my favorite earrings

Shirt: Versona $20// Pants: Gift from grandma $0// Scarf: Plato's $6// Earrings: Versona $3.99// Booties: Walmart $14.87
//Total Cost= $44.86//


First Scarf // Winner drawn on Oct. 18th

I am super excited to announce my blog's first Giveaway! Praising Hands, Traveling Shoes has paired up with The Purple Cow to provide my readers with 3 chances to win FABULOUS scarves for the fall season. This month, you will enter to win each scarf M-F on the current week. The winner will be chosen on the Friday of that week and will be announced that Saturday.
The first scarf to be given away is a beautiful burnt orange scarf from Cato via The Purple Cow. It's gorgeous & absolutely perfect for fall.

You will be able to enter the scarf giveaway using the Giveaway Widget on my blog page. There are 6 different means by which you can enter. The more you do, the more times your name is entered into the giveaway.
1. Instagram: Follow me (rebekah__elizabeth), repost my scarf giveaway post with a shoutout, and hashtag #praisingandtraveling 
2. Become a Fan on Facebook:
3. Follow my blog
4. Comment on my blog
5. Pin my scarf photo on pinterest with #praisingandtraveling
6. Tweet about the scarf giveaway

You can do all of these (except Instagram) using the Scarf Giveaway widget to the right on my blog ------>> 

Questions? Concerns? Contact me! 
God bless, have a fabulous day of rest, and get to ready to enter tomorrow!