Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Reception Song >> Study Break

It's here.
What we college folk like to call MID-TERM WEEK. 
*dramatic horror music*

To say the least, I haven't studied ahead like I always aspire to. Hey, its the thought that counts, right?
With our wedding being only 77 days away (yippee) we have seriously had to just drop what we are doing in some situations and plan this thing. In this case, I woke up this morning earlier than usual to start studying for my exams today. Needless to say, when I heard my mother jammin' out to Justin Beiber's "Baby," I was automatically dancing into the kitchen. 
"We need to pick out reception songs, Bek."
"Well, let's look some up!"
That might not have been the best idea. It was like a snow ball. Once you start rolling that thing down the mountain, you're done for. It gets massive. 
Oh well. We had a blast.
Mom and I were jammin' out to the latest songs, and of course, our favorite Motown hits. 
Although I am still struggling to find a song to walk down the aisle to, I can rest assured in the area of reception music. Here are a few songs we picked:


1. Baby- Justin Beiber (not the most "classic" but hey, the ladies like to dance to it)
2. "Coming Out' - Diana Ross (total classic dance and make you feel happy song)
3. "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You." - Elvis Presley
4. "I Wanna Dance with Somebody"- Whitney Houston
5. "Aint No Mountain High" - Marvin Gaye 

AND..OUR 1st dance as a couple's song is..... ________!
You really thought I was going to tell you? hahaha.


That's just a sneak peek of the wedding plans for the day!
What songs did you play for your wedding reception?
If not married yet, what songs have you always wanted to play? 

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that I absolutely adore!

"Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises
unto him with the timbrel and harp."
Psalm 149:3


  1. Planning out my songs was the HARDEST part! I emailed all of my friends and family for suggestions, which helped a lot! If I still have my wedding playlist I can try to send you some of the music we used :) Good luck!

  2. Perfect! Great idea girl...Asking for suggestions is definitely a way to get everyone involved and make sure everyone gets one of their favorite songs to dance too. Def. send it over if you still have it!

  3. Hi! Danielle here, just casually stalking your blog, hope you don't mind! ;)
    I just got married on July 20th and my mom helped me (ok actually she pretty much came up with the entire list and I approved/disapproved of song choices) come up with a list of songs for everything from money dances, unity candle lighting, to cake cuting! I'm going to get her to send me the list and I'll send it to you cause I know it'll help a bunch!

    <3 danielle