Friday, October 4, 2013

Oh, How I Love the Weekends

Oh, how I love the weekends.

Thank goodness it's friday. 
Four words that I didn't really appreciate until I became a college student. Up until my freshman year at LSU, the weekend was basically just like any other day for me.
I mean, come on people. I was homeschooled. It was awesome.
Everyday seemed like a weekend to me, other than a few hours of school here and there. 
Not to mention, my mom was basically as cool as Ms. Frizzle was.
To say the least, weekends now are CHERISHED. 
Although I work on Saturday mornings and do have homework, I quite enjoy being able to see my wonderful Fiance and spend some time with my friends. 
I am thankful God made a day of rest, too. 

Today marks my first "fun" blog post. 
Even funnier part of this post?
the pictures.
I asked Felix to take some pictures of my casual "date night" outfit for me and he did a wonderful job. Little does he know that this was the start to him becoming my personal photographer. hehehe. I love him so much.
Tonight we are going on a family date night with his parents, then going home to end the night off with a Super Smash Brothers tournament with my brother and friends. This Friday night really couldn't be better.

Here is the outfit I threw together for our little outing this evening:

Safe to say, Felix did a fabulous job. 
I love this outfit because it is basically a wonderful representation of my style...Casual mixed with a pop of "ooh-la-la" brought in with the wedges. 
Being in college, saving for marriage, honeymoon, and future Europe trip, I'm on a budget. Bargain shopping is my obession when it comes to fashion, and I am proud to say that only 1 item I am wearing was over $10 dollars. 

Outfit breakdown:
+ Pants: walmart- $10 +
+Top: Online shopping- $6 +
+Necklace: Online (just got it & am in LOVE...$3 +
+Wedges: consigment shop, AL- $25+
Total Cost of Outfit: $44

Have a fabulous Friday, everyone! 
God bless!

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