Saturday, October 5, 2013

Little Pink Dress

Everyone has a dress in their closet.

With this set before you, you have AT LEAST 6 outfits you can make.
Don't believe me?
My wonderful, old friend Becca posted about the various ways in which you can maximize your wardrobe a few days ago on her blog. With inspiration set before me, I bolted up to my room and automatically grabbed the little pink dress out of my closet. 

Within minutes, I had 6 completely different outfits made!
That night, I sent a message with all of my outfits to Becca! She loved everything I came up with, so she allowed me to guest post on her blog!
Wanna see what outfits I came up with?
Check it out HERE.
Show the love to my friend & have a wonderful weekend!
What kind of outfits can you come up with?

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